This is THE site to analyse your skating performance

If you have a MyLaps transponder you can analyse all your skate data with Laps. You get an overview of all the ice tracks where you skated. For example, your fastest lap time of every season, or your best 4-lap time. Or per season how many laps you can skate in a maximum of 1 hour or 12 hours. This way you can evaluate how much progress you are making in the season and between seasons. Additionally you can load heart rate data from Garmin, Polar, TomTom or Suunto and upload your data to Strava.

Overview of VinkSite Web apps

LapsIcon Laps Analysis of all your MyLaps data, many graphs, lots of tables, per season, personal records, best-10, ice tracks, your personal profile
LapsRanksIcon LapsRanks Track ranking list with number of laps and fastest time of the day, overview of best riders per season and best ever
MeesteRondenIcon MostLaps List per track of riders with highest number of laps in the season
RondenTellerIcon LapCounter Summary of number of laps and times of your last ride
SpeedSkatingIcon Speedskating Viewer New! Shows the results of all official ISU and NL competitions since 2003. Can also be followed LIVE!
F1Icon F1 Viewer New! Shows the results of all Formula 1 races since 1996. Can also be followed LIVE!
VinkSite apps run on smartphones, tablets, laptops or PC's with browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge. iPhone 4 users are advised to use Chrome.

To get fast access to VinkSite apps on your smartphone or tablet in a way that the apps will behave as any other app, add the app to the home screen:
Android Chrome or Firefox via menu and "Add to Homescreen"
Apple iOS Safari via "share button" and "Add to Homescreen"
This only can be done with Safari.
Windows IE or Edge via "App bar" and "Pin to Start"
Others via click on "Menu" and search for "Add or Pin to Homescreen"

Overview of VinkSite Native apps

LapCounter LapCounter
for Apple iPhones or iPads.
With summary of season and MostLaps.
LapCounter LapCounter
for Android Phones or Tablets.
With summary of season and MostLaps.
Android version 13 is available.

Apps for smart watches

LapCounter LapCounter
for Garmin watches. With Activity and heart rate function.
Via this link, see "Description" on how to enter your own transponder code.
LapCounter LapCounter
Apple Store
for Apple Watch for WatchOS 6.0 and higher. With Workout and heart rate function. Explanation in this video
If you want to reinstall: use the Apple Store app on your Watch and search for RondenTellerWatch.
RondenTellerASWatch LapCounter
for Android WearOS watches able to load apps from Google Play Store, like Suunto, Oppo, Fossil.
RondenTellerIcon LapCounter for smart watches like a Samsung. Use or install a browser on your smart watch and load this URL: RondenTellerGlimpse​.htm?LL-NNNNN
So include a "?" and your own transponder code.
To view lap times on your smart watch while skating, you need to carry your smart phone with you. Most smart watches are not able to make direct contact with the mobile network. A smart phone is still needed for this and the smart watch connects to the internet via the smart phone. Since 2021, there have been smartwatches with eSim support that allow direct contact with the internet and eliminate the need for a smartphone.
Have fun with my apps! Luc Vinkenvleugel.
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